Stable Release V1.8.2

We are happy to announce the V1.8.2 bugfix point release of Black Magic Debug.

In this release

  • Added “Fake thread support”. This is a work around, for a bug in GDB V11 and V12 where GDB crashes when the server that does not have threads. [dragonmux]

You can download pre-built firmware binaries from the GitHub release page. If you are downloading the sources archive, make sure to download the full-sources archives, otherwise you will not have the libopencm3 library that is necessary for firmware compilation. You can of course always check out the specific version tag using git.


This project is sponsored in parts by:

  • 1BitSquared - Design, Manufacture and distribution of open source embedded hardware development tools and platforms, as well as educational electronics. Thank you everyone who buys Black Magic Probes from 1BitSquared directly through our stores or indirectly through Adafruit. The hardware sales allow us to continue supporting the Black Magic Debug project.

  • All the generous Patrons and GitHub Sponsors supporting esden’s work

  • All the generous GitHub Sponsors supporting dragonmux’s work