Release Candidate V1.9.0-rc0

We are happy to announce the first V1.9.0 release candidate of Black Magic Debug. This ended up being much larger than intended, but exciting.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Improved SWD timings, addressing reliability issue with the previous release

  • Extended support for RTT to all host platforms

  • New auto_scan monitor command, allowing automatic scan chain detection

  • New erase_range monitor command, allowing erasing Flash ranges on any target

  • Added clang-tidy and clang-format configurations and project code formatting is enforced

  • Introduced a Contributor Covenant based Code of Conduct for contribution

  • Introduced PR templates and contribution guidelines to streamline and simplify contribution and review processes

  • Support for TCK/SWCLK High-Z when idle. This is needed for projects that reuse the TCK pin as GPIO during runtime. Especially useful for ultra low pin count devices.

  • And a bunch of newly supported targets:

    • Atmel/Microchip SAMx7x

    • GigaDevice GD32F303

    • TI LM3S5732 and LM3S8962

    • ArteryTek ATF32F403A/407/415

    • CKS32F103

    • Renesas RA

For more details please refer to the ChangeLog down below.

ChangeLog v1.9-rc0

Core Changes

  • RTT support via the target USB serial connection [koendv/dragonmux]

  • Added a clang-format configuration [xobs/dragonmux]

  • Implemented a new auto_scan monitor command which first tries JTAG and if that fails, tries SWD scan [dragonmux]

  • Introduced a Contributor Covenant based Code of Conduct for contribution [dragonmux]

  • Improved reset terminology usage and documentation via [dragonmux]

  • Renamed the main branch to main [esden]

  • Improved the project README and fixed various links in it [dragonmux]

  • Implemented support for redirecting semihosting output to the target USB serial connection [dragonmux/sullin]

  • Consistent mass erase progress indication and support for mass erase generically [dragonmux]

  • Switched the project language standard from GNU99 to C11 [dragonmux]

  • Ensure the _DEFAULT_SOURCE and _GNU_SOURCE macros are defined to enable certain glibc features we depend on [xobs]

  • Prepared the JTAG-TAP code for adding RISC-V support [dragonmux]

  • Do not turn idle indication LED off when the GDB USB serial connection is closed and target already detached [fabalthazar]

  • Implemented a pull request template and contribution guidelines [dragonmux]

  • Implemented support for talking SFDP to SPI Flash attached to Flashless targets [dragonmux]

  • Changed old wiki links to point to the website instead [Xiretza]

  • Implemented support for tri-stating (setting to High-Z) the TCK/SWCLK pin when BMP is idle on supported host platforms [dragonmux]

  • Removed printing of a debug message for vMustReplyEmpty packets to prevent confusion when debugging GDB comms [perigoso]

  • Superfluous semicolon cleanup/removal [perigoso]

  • Cleaned up, updated and improved the RTT usage documentation [esden]

  • Converted the SWO documentation to Markdown and cleaned it up [esden]

  • Cleaned up the include guards, making them consistent and fixing some undefined behaviour [esden/perigoso]

  • Cleaned up and fixed the Flash erase and write function return types for all targets [perigoso]

  • Added improved project guidelines for contribution licensing, header guard macros and type and typedef naming via [dragonmux]

  • Enabled simultaneous use of RTT and the auxillary (target) UART [koendv]

  • Enabled support for RTT on the F072 platform [koendv]

  • Improved the bitbang’d protocol timings for SWD which were causing setup-and-hold violations [dragonmux]

  • Improved Flash operation completions handling for a speed and Flash usage improvement [dragonmux]

  • Cleaned up the RTT implementation and provided test programs for RTT [koendv]

  • Run clang-format across the entire code base [dragonmux]

  • Improved the const-correctness of a chunk of the code [dragonmux]

  • Addressed various code quality and consistency issues with the targets [dragonmux]

  • Removed the jtag_proc_t *jp parameters from the JTAG abstraction layer as they’re redundant [dragonmux]

  • Fixed the naming conformity across the code base, rigorously applying the naming requirements from the contribution guidelines [dragonmux]

Build System Changes

  • Only remake include/version.h when the Git hash changes [TheJJ/dragonmux]

  • clang-tidy and clang-format support [dragonmux]

Script/Utility Changes

  • Support for Nix’ nix-shell [cyber-murmel]

  • Improved udev rules [dragonmux]

  • VSCode extension recomendations [dragonmux]

  • Deprecated and the in-repo upgrade program [dragonmux]

  • Added ST-Link udev rules [sidprice]

Project CI Changes

  • Fixed the CI up for PRs after the rename to main [dragonmux]

  • Added a proper dependency on libusb’s dev package to the main build workflow [dragonmux]

  • Removed the stale Travis CI configuration [dragonmux]

  • Added a PR code size difference check to the workflows [perigoso]

  • Added a merge-blocking PR lint for clang-format issues [perigoso]

  • Added a check to the PR lint flow for the case of hexadecimal constants (0xFEEDACA7 will result in an error, 0xfeedaca7 is allowed) [perigoso]

  • Added a check for accidental assignments in control flow conditions and other similar constructs [perigoso]

ARM (ADIv5) Changes

  • ARM Debug: Formatting and code style readability clean-ups [perigoso]

  • ARM Debug: Fix some formatting constant misuse [gatin00b]

  • ARM Debug: Access Port scan early bailout was too eager, failing after just 1 rather than 8 invalid APs [dragonmux]

  • ARM Debug: Improved the correctness of the JEP106 reading and handling code for RP2040 [perigoso]

  • ARM Debug: Fixed a grammatical error [gatin00b]

  • ARM Debug: Unified DPIDR and target ID register handling between the SWD and JTAG DP handling [perigoso]

  • ARM Debug: Use PRIxNN specifiers in all debug print statements [xobs]

  • ARM Debug: Early DP accesses trigger aborts corrupting AP writes [dragonmux/mubes]

  • ARM Debug (JTAG): Fixed support for and improved identification of DPv0 devices [dragonmux]

  • ARM Debug: Made consistent u# Release v1.9se of the DP bank macros, and removed the duplicate base check ready to support LPC55 [dragonmux]

  • ARM Debug: Improved handling of target halt and resume, and removed the RP2040 rescue special-casing [jamesturton]

  • ARM Debug: Fixed the triggering of nuisance CID warnings for Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 System Control Spaces [dragonmux]

  • ARM Debug: Improved the handling of sticky errors generated during AP scanning [dragonmux]

  • ARM Debug (SWD): Fixed a bug in the fault handling during AP/DP access that broke remote protocol use [dragonmux]

Target Changes

  • ch32f1: printf format string fixes [dragonmux]

  • ARM Cortex-A: Implement watch-points support [gsmcmulin]

  • rp: Corrected the SRAM sizing [DagAgren]

  • rp: Fixed how reset is done using CORTEXM_TOPT_INHIBIT_NRST [jamesturton]

  • sam3x: Corrected gpnvm command usage text [perigoso]

  • rp: Better heuristic detection of attached SPI Flash size [jamesturton/djix123]

  • stm32wl: Improved support for the second CPU and part detection [UweBonnes]

  • sam3x: Fixed uninitialised variables being present [sidprice/perigoso]

  • stm32f1: General code clean-up and formatting fixes [perigoso]

  • kinetis: Code organisation clean-up and function naming fixes [perigoso]

  • efm32: Code cleanup and implementation fixes [perigoso]

  • nrf52: Fixed mass erase silently failing under certain conditions [dragonmux]

  • target: clang-tidy lint fixes and readability improvements [dragonmux]

  • target: Implemented a new monitor command (erase_range) to allow erasing Flash ranges on any target [dragonmux]

  • target: Implement weak aliased no-op stubs for all probe routines to allow disabling any target [perigoso]

  • target: Fix probing of LPC1343 parts which weren’t being properly detected [perigoso]

  • ch32f1: Improve compatibility with various CH32F1 variants and other STM32F1 clones [grumat]

  • command: Implemented support for LPC82x low power reset via a new monitor command (tdi_low_reset) [dragonmux]

  • command: Fixed the formatting and type consistency of the target commands implementation [dragonmux]

  • JTAG scan: Loosen strictness to allow detection of non-conforming JTAG targets [dragonmux]

  • lmi: Fix Stelaris/Tiva-C probing being unreliable [dragonmux]

  • ch32f1: Fixed some types issues and missing static annotation [dragonmux]

  • rp: Code organisation conformity against the other targets, and clang-tidy lint fixes [dragonmux]

  • ARM Cortex-M: Corrected the “Please report unknown device” diagnostic to report a more appropriate set of IDs [perigoso]

  • stm32h7: Fixed the probe part detection IDs due to them being incorrect from the incorrect ADIv5 code before [perigoso]

  • samd: Fixed the device ID family mask to match the value in the datasheet [dragonmux]

  • target: Made target_flash_for_addr() public in the target-facing part of the target API ready for the AVR JTAG-PDI support [dragonmux]

  • rp: Implemented generalised SPI Flash programming and access support using SFDP [dragonmux]

  • samd: Fixed some attach errata for the AT SAMD11 which can be triggered by the normal Cortex-M attach routine [dragonmux]

  • ch32f1: Improved differentiation between CH32F103, CKS32F103 and APM32F103 using the revision ID [djix123]

  • ch32f1: Fixed several debug format strings which had ENABLE_DEBUG=1 builds broken [esden]

  • target_flash: Moved the Flash handling into its own file and implemented guaranteed address alignment in the API [perigoso]

  • ARM Cortex-A/M: Generate the GDB target description strings dynamically to save on Flash code size [Qyriad]

  • sam4l: Fixed the debug format string specifiers [xobs]

  • target_probe: Fixed AppleClang compatability [amyspark]

  • ARM Cortex-M: Fixed the format string for unexpected Cortex-M part numbers [xobs]

  • lpc546xx: Corrected the post-reset behaviour and comment describing this [mf-zainahmed]

  • rp: Inverted the success logic in the Flash write routine as it was backwards [xobs]

  • stm32l0: Fixed a regression in Flash erase and programming caused by an overzealous error check [UweBonnes]

  • renesas: Added a known ID for RA2A1 [perigoso]

  • stm32f4: Fixed the probe routine relying on the old broken ADIv5 target identification to get the part ID [andrew1x000]

  • stm32f1: Improved Flash operation handling and fixed a regression in end of operation (EOP) checking [fk0815]

  • rp: Improved RP2040 ROM call progress reporting [dragonmux]

  • stm32f1: Corrected GD32F330 identification so they show as GD32F3 not GD32F1 [djix123]

  • rp: Fixed an incorrect debug print format string in the ROM call handler [xobs]

  • nrf52: Stop inverting the result from nrf_cmd_read_* [perigoso]

  • rtt_if: Fixed building when libopencm3 is not in use, adding NO_LIBOPENCM3 to control this [xobs]

  • stm32f1: Further improved EOP handling to prevent early exits and incomplete operations during Flashing [dragonmux]

  • ch32f1: Improved chip detection reliability and fixes for the fast locking functions [mean00]

  • stm32w: Corrected the part IDs used to identify STM32Wx parts which were historically incorrect [dragonmux]

  • stm32f1: Fixed a regression in the handling of option bytes programming due to the new stm32f1_flash_busy_wait() being more strict about errors [dragonmux]

Targets Added

  • SAMx7x (SAME70, SAMS70, SAMV71, SAMV70) [Perigoso]

  • GD32F303 [djix123]

  • LM3S5732 and LM3S8962 [dragonmux]

  • ATF32F403A/407/415 [grumat]

  • CKS32F103 [djix123]

  • Renesas RA [perigoso]

Host Platform Changes


  • Support for the 96b Carbon [daniel-thompson]

  • Support for using STM32F3 parts as a platform [UweBonnes/dragonmux]

  • Support for using the STM32F072 as a platform [UweBonnes/dragonmux]


  • CDC-ACM: Implement support for RTS and DTR [cyber-murmel]

  • jtag-tap/swd: Refactored the bitbanging routines, fixing types issues and improving their readability [dragonmux]

  • jtag-tap: Fix a timing issue when doing TMS sequences with no delays [gatin00b]

  • Cleaned up the naming of the USB components of the firmware and reorganised the code so it’s easier to navigate [dragonmux]

  • Improved the handling of newlib’s virtual file IO hooks, saving Flash usage and removing undefined behaviour usage [dragonmux]

  • Reorganised the serial code to make a clear and logical distinction between the phyiscal auxiliary (target) UART vs the debug USB serial port [dragonmux]

  • Addressed various code quality and consistency issues across the platforms [dragonmux]

STM32 host (Common to all STM32 hosts)

  • Cleaned up the bootloader and platform serial number handling [dragonmux]

  • Make use of wfi to improve power usage when the debugger is idle and has nothing to do [dragonmux]

Black Magic Probe (aka “Native”) host

  • Ensure the auxiliary (target) UART is enabled on hardware v3+ when debugging the probe [esden]

F3 host

  • Fixed the README to provide usage instructions [dragonmux/Uwe]

F027 host

  • Fixed the README to provide usage instructions [dragonmux/Uwe]

Blackpillv2 host

  • Enabled the LED to be used as an active indication [koendv]

  • Implemented support for using the nRST pin [koendv]

Black Magic Debug App (aka “PC Host”)

  • Improved fatal error handling on Linux [UweBonnes]

  • Support for additional FTDI adaptors [UweBonnes]

    • Tigard

    • ESP-Prog

    • HiFive1

    • Olimex OpenOCD JTAG ARM-USB-TINY-H

  • Improved help text and ZSH completions support [dragonmux]

  • Improved CMSIS-DAP implementation robustness [dragonmux]

  • Windows PRINT_INFO macro fix [sidprice]

  • Enable use of the power control commands provided the used probe has support [sidprice]

  • Implemented long option names for the command line interface [sidprice]

  • CMSIS-DAP support type naming improvements [dragonmux]

  • Improved the diagnostic output for CMSIS-DAP v1 probes when opening access to them fails [dragonmux]

  • Better support for building BMDA under homebrew [djix123]

  • Improvements to external library detection [esden]

  • Removed the deprecation warning for the -d/--device options as it was wrong [dragonmux]

  • Fixed a VID:PID code transposition error in the J-Link support and added support for PID 0x1015 [perigoso]

  • Improved handling for including suitable a prototype for alloca() on Windows [sidprice]

  • Improved the command line handling robustness by properly initialising the operation mode before parsing [dragonmux]

  • Correct the libusb being linked against so it’s always libusb1 [dragonmux]

  • Fixed some missing license headers [esden]

  • Implemented selectable fast polling (platform_pace_poll) with command line override option -F/--fast-poll [mubes]

  • Fixed the FTDI FT4343H configuration block which was incorrect [sys64738]

  • Fixed some security issues in the command line interface handling caused by poor string handling [dragonmux]

  • Cleaned up in and fixed some undefined behaviour in the FTDI support [dragonmux]

  • Cleaned up in and fixed some undefined behaviour in the J-Link support [dragonmux]

  • Fixed an issue with the naming of the CLI options structure caused by the naming conformity fixes [dragonmux/mubes]

Contributors to v1.9.0-rc0

We have had 35 individuals contribute 1138 commits to the v1.9.0-rc0 release. It would not have been possible without your help! Thank you!

Contributor (Contributions)
dragonmux (786)
Rafael Silva (181)
James Turton (30)
Sid Price (27)
Piotr Esden-Tempski (23)
Uwe Bonnes (11)
Sean Cross (11)
Mikaela Szekely (10)
Koen De Vleeschauwer (9)
mean (8)
Jonathan Giles (6)
Marcin Niestroj (4)
cyber-murmel (3)
Amy (3)
ylm (2)
grumat (2)
fabalthazar (2)
Giovanni Santana (2)
Gareth McMullin (2)
sys64738 (2)
gatin00b (1)
andrew1x000 (1)
Xiretza (1)
Thomas Bénéteau (1)
Silke Hofstra (1)
Roman Luitko (1)
Manoel Brunnen (1)
Maciej Musiał (1)
Jonas Jelten (1)
Frank Kunz (1)
Dave Marples (1)
Daniel Thompson (1)
Dag Ågren (1)
Ben Tober (1)
Anti Sullin (1)


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  • 1BitSquared - Design, Manufacture and distribution of open source embedded hardware development tools and platforms, as well as educational electronics. Thank you everyone who buys Black Magic Probes from 1BitSquared directly through our stores or indirectly through Adafruit. The hardware sales allow us to continue supporting the Black Magic Debug project.

  • All the generous Patrons and GitHub Sponsors supporting esden’s work

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